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Lekta AI korzysta z chmury obliczeniowej Polcom

Branch:New technologies, IT
Key service:Cloud infrastructure (IaaS)

Lekta AI is a leader in advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology and automated customer service in remote contact channels. The system, based on artificial intelligence, allows for conducting conversations with customers in a manner very similar to interacting with a real consultant.


The application offered by Lekta AI supports companies from various industries in their daily customer interactions. Therefore, ensuring system continuity and the ability to scale resources at any time based on current demand is crucial. Lekta’s solutions are utilized by financial institutions, among others, for whom the security of processing sensitive data and compliance with regulations and requirements imposed by regulators are key.

To ensure customers the proper level of data security and guarantee the ability to expand the system without concerns about continuity of operations, the company started searching for a business partner who could effectively support the company in this regard. Additionally, the company aimed for continuous development of its proprietary solutions and reducing the time to deliver products to customers.


Lekta AI made the decision to provide its application based on the Polcom cloud computing. This model significantly reduced the implementation time of the service for clients, and the company utilized this additional space for the development of its products. Thanks to the stability of the systems, the company can implement changes to the application in real-time without concerns of disruptions or interruptions in the continuity of services provided.

Collaboration with the data center facilitates the company’s ability to meet customer requirements related to ensuring the highest level of security. Polcom undergoes regular certifications, including in the areas of data protection and quality. Therefore, Polcom’s services provide tangible support in meeting data security requirements, especially in market sectors subject to regulations in this regard.

The cloud allows for unlimited scalability of IT resources based on current needs. This aspect is particularly important for banks and financial institutions during sales campaigns when there is a significant increase in user interest in promoted services.

Significant cost optimization is also of great importance, as the subscription-based model means that the company only pays for actual resource usage. Additionally, the company does not incur costs for activities supporting the smooth operation of the IT infrastructure.


Scalability and service availability

Cloud computing enables unlimited scalability, allowing to keep up with the growing demand from system users


Through collaboration with Polcom, Lekta AI ensures the highest level of data and application security for clients without the need for additional security expertise

Faster Time to Market

Tailoring solutions to customer needs and the speed of service delivery enable the development of a competitive advantage

Cost optimization

The company can test and improve its solutions without incurring additional costs

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