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Holcim uses cloud services from Polcom

Lafarge uses cloud services from Polcom

Branch:Industry, Manufacturing
Key service:Cloud

Holcim is a manufacturer of innovative and sustainable solutions. The company has been providing its services continuously in the Polish market since 1995. It belongs, among others, to the French-Polish Chamber of Commerce (CCIFP). The company ensures that the materials it produces enable the acceleration and increase of efficiency and safety of the construction process, while also having a low carbon footprint.


Holcim is a leader in innovative building solutions. The company employs nearly 1600 employees in almost 50 facilities and cooperates on a daily basis with many business partners and stakeholders.

Therefore, one of the key aspects for the smooth functioning of the enterprise is maintaining a smooth flow of documents. The company was looking for a solution that would allow for group document management while maintaining the highest security standards.


Holcim verified the market for a partner who could support the company in its daily operations.

Before collaborating with Polcom, the company conducted a thorough needs analysis, based on which it tested several technological solutions. By choosing software as a service (SaaS), the company gained access to an IT solution that met Holcim’s requirements. The secure cloud storage space allowed the company to share corporate documents with a wider group of recipients from anywhere with Internet access while maintaining international security standards. Polcom has numerous certificates and undergoes periodic audits that confirm the highest level of data processing protection.

Moreover, the cloud computing model allows the company to maintain full flexibility, and real-time data updates significantly improve the flow of information within the organization. Thanks to this, Holcim has gained additional support in its daily work with partners and stakeholders.


High availability

Holcim has gained uninterrupted access from anywhere to company resources shared between employees and business partners. The communication process within the organization has also been streamlined.

Data protection

The company stores and processes its business data in a secure manner thanks to the SSL protocol and security measures implemented

Tailored solution

The company gained full scalability in terms of disk space for its business files and full technical support at every stage of the project


At Holcim, we specialize in providing innovative and sustainable building solutions with a low carbon footprint. We have always focused on development – we are a modern company that is open to new technologies. Our daily work is based on business relationships with numerous partners and collaborators, which inevitably generates a large amount of essential business documentation.

We were looking for a solution that would allow us to share documents with a wider audience and enable real-time group management of documentation while maintaining the highest security standards. By choosing Polcom’s services, we received an optimal and secure tool that we can use in any conditions from anywhere.

Krzysztof Byczyński Executive Member of the Managing Board

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