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Grembox uses Polcom cloud computing

Branch:Production, distribution, e-commerce
Key service:Cloud infrastructure (IaaS)

Grembox is a producer and distributor of packaging materials, in particular corrugated cardboard boxes with over 20 years of experience in the industry. The company, operating an online shop, deals with the wholesale distribution of products for customers from various economic sectors – mail order (e-commerce), industrial production, food packaging or HoReCa.


The company has one of the largest online shops in the packaging industry in Poland. The increased interest in the company’s products resulted in a huge amount of data being processed by Grembox due to the growing traffic in the webshop, the rising number of orders and the continuous implementation and integration of further ERP and WMS software modules.

Maintaining and upgrading its own IT infrastructure was generating additional costs. However, the main factor that prompted the company to look for other solutions was that its own IT environment required additional specialist work and was consuming more and more of the company’s time, which its preferred to devote to, among other things, the development of its services.


Continuous development and the desire to build competitive advantages led the company to look for a proven solution that would help it achieve its ambitious goals. Following a market analysis and an inventory of internal IT resources, the company decided not to develop its own server infrastructure and to move resources to the Polcom cloud.

Such a solution not only ensures unlimited scalability of resources, which can be reduced or increased depending on current needs, but also guarantees uninterrupted operation of systems and applications. This aspect was particularly important for the implementation of the project, as Grembox, as an e-commerce company, could not afford a lack of continuity in the operation of IT systems resulting, for example, from an IT environment failure.

Furthermore, the flexible cloud environment has allowed the company to optimise its investment costs. The firm does not have to spend money on purchasing and maintaining additional infrastructure. The subscription-based fee model means that the company only pays for the resources actually used.

It was also important for the company to comply with international standards in terms of quality and data security, as guaranteed by Polcom’s cloud services. As an e-commerce company, Grembox must take special care to ensure security and an adequate level of data protection. Polcom’s many years of experience and certifications such as ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 9001, among others, have given the company a guaranteed level of service delivery.


Cost optimisation

Grembox has optimised the costs associated with investing in its own servers

High availability of systems

Grembox has reduced interruptions to key resources to a minimum

Server security

Two independent and redundant data centres, reducing the risk of loss or damage to company data

Data security

Polcom undergoes regular audits of the security and quality of data storage to ensure that high standards of data protection are guaranteed


At Grembox, we distribute packaging materials and produce cardboard packaging. In order to remain competitive in the market, we could not afford not to have our online shop available or downtime in production or warehouse logistics generating both financial and image losses. Therefore, we decided to move our systems to the cloud.

As a result, we have gained a guarantee of business continuity, cost optimisation and scalability – and thus an adjustment to the company’s current needs. Our resources have been secured in accordance with current quality and security standards, and we can fully focus on the operation and development of our company.

Mateusz Bochenek CEO

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