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GARETT uses Polcom Cloud

Key service:Cloud infrastructure (IaaS)

GARETT is the leader in sales of children’s smartwatches in Poland and one of the main players in the segment of electronic devices for home care of the whole body. Products with the brand’s logo are available in Poland’s largest electro market chains such as Media Expert, RTV EURO AGD, Empik, Komputronik, NEONET, Media Markt, and in more than 19 European countries. The vision of the GARETT brand is to provide safe products to as many consumers as possible so that they can enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle using modern technology.


In an industry where technological innovation plays a key role, it is challenging to maintain operational continuity and therefore the highest product quality. The company had to adapt to the dynamic demands of the market and ensure the uninterrupted availability of the online shop for its customers. In light of growing customer interest, the company was aware that unforeseen interruptions in production or lack of access to the online shop could negatively affect its reputation and contribute to hard-to-estimate costs and profit declines.

Against the backdrop of the growing popularity of the products on offer, the company was actively looking for a solution that would not only meet its current challenges but also support the company’s strategic planning processes and address the needs related to the scalability of the IT environment with market dynamics.

Another challenge was to ensure IT security. Garett aimed to create not only a technologically highly advanced product but was also focused on comprehensively securing sensitive data and maintaining a seamless online shopping experience for its customers.


Implementing a cloud-based IaaS solution proved to be an important part of Garett’s strategy. It enabled the company to focus on key aspects of its business and guarantee operational continuity, eliminating risks associated with potential production downtime or unavailability of the online shop. The cloud-based solution enabled Garett to adapt to rapidly changing market requirements by flexibly scaling its resources. Given its many years of experience, the company decided to work with Polcom, a Polish provider of cloud computing for business.

Thanks to the comprehensive security offered by the cloud provider, Garett has gained confidence that customer data is effectively protected against potential cyber threats. This is because Polcom has numerous certifications (ISO 27017, ISO 27001, ISO 9001) and state-of-the-art data centers, which guarantee that the highest security standards are maintained. As a result, Polcom has provided the company with a fully scalable Polcom Cloud solution, enabling it to back up, and restore data in the event of a potential disaster and effectively adapt to the changing market environment. As a result, Garett can ensure uninterrupted availability of the online shop for its customers and focus on growing its business.


Business continuity

The solution effectively minimized the risk of potential unavailability of key services, while offering 24/7 technical support

Data security

Polcom has the highest international safety certificates

Flexibility and scalability

The solution allows rapid adaptation to evolving needs, guaranteeing customers full flexibility in the use of the services offered


I am pleased to share with you the positive results of our cooperation with Polcom. W industry, where technological innovation is a key element of success, maintaining operational continuity and ensuring the highest product quality poses numerous challenges. Therefore, I would like to emphasise how important role played by the implementation of a cloud-based IaaS solution.

In the context of growing interest in our products and a dynamically changing market, we needed to find a flexible and scalable solution. In this context, working with Polcom proved to be a key element of our strategy. Thanks to their advanced cloud services, we were able to focus on key aspects of our business, while eliminating the risks associated with że possible downtime or unavailability of the online shop.

It is worth emphasizing that IT security was a priority for us. Aiming not only to be technologically advanced but also to comprehensively secure customer data, we chose Polcom. Their numerous certifications (ISO 27017, ISO 27001, ISO 9001) and state-of-the-art data center facilities gave us the confidence that our data is effectively protected against potential cyber threats.

The result of this cooperation is a fully scalable Polcom Cloud solution, which enables us not only to ensure operational continuity but also to react quickly to the changing market environment. This implementation has allowed us to focus on developing our business without worrying about possible interruptions or loss of availability of our online shop.

We are convinced that Polcom’s long-standing experience and its professional approach to security provide a solid basis for our cooperation. We would like to thank them for their commitment and efficiency in delivering services, which have a positive impact on our operability and customer satisfaction.

Dawid Jędrzejczyk Head of IT Department

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