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Elmigo migrate resources to Polcom

Key service:Cloud infrastructure (IaaS)

Elmigo is a company in the service industry, whose main business activity are purchasing, selling and providing material recycling services. By reusing recyclable materials, the company aims to protect the environment and, as a result, achieve zero-emission production.


Elmigo is a company constantly aiming to improve production processes. To do so, there was a need for an efficient and scalable IT infrastructure, but the company’s existing in-house IT resources were no longer sufficient.

In addition – with the increasing number of cyberattacks – it proved to be a challenge to properly protect data from hacking attacks and ensure business continuity.

The company not only needed to secure its systems and applications against cyber-attacks, but also to guarantee the security of its IT infrastructure against various natural hazards, including floods, which as a consequence, could result in flooding of server rooms or interruption of power supply. Constantly rising costs due to numerous investments in these areas led the company to need an alternative solution.


The company was looking for a reliable partner that could support its operations in providing efficient infrastructure while guaranteeing an adequate level of data protection. After a thorough analysis of the market, Elmigo decided to move its resources to the Polcom cloud.

The company gained the ability to manage a fully secure and comprehensively tailored environment, which at the same time significantly increased the level of availability of its services. Thanks to cloud solutions, Elmigo is assured that the company’s data is adequately protected from cyber-attacks, and any potential threats – immediately detected and properly managed.

In addition, the scalability provided by cloud computing makes it possible for the company to focus on developing its products and adapting operations to changing market needs. It is also significant to maintain high availability of systems, even in the event of increased interest in the company’s products.

Polcom’s customer data is located in the territory of Poland and is subject to national and European legislation, so the company has gained a guaranty that its resources are stored in a specific location in the Poland.

Moreover, the company has the opportunity to visit the data center at any time and to be supported by Polish-speaking specialists at every stage of the project.


Server security

Two independent and redundant data centers, lowered the risk of loss or damage to Elmigo’s data

Data protection

Polcom holds numerous certificates attesting to compliance with legally required security standards

High availability of systems

Elmigo has reduced interruptions in access to key resources to a minimum


When choosing a cloud provider, we were primarily guided by the high level of data security. We wanted our resources to be protected not only from cyber-attacks, but also from natural disasters.

Polcom Cloud is a solution that is fully tailored to our needs and that we can use under any conditions and from any location – as we found out during pandemics and recurring lockdowns. In our company, we are guided by the words: by acting together, we gain doubly, and this is also the approach we encountered from Polcom.

Michał Radołowicz Technical Director

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