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BrainSHARE producer of Saldeosmart in the Polcom Cloud

Branch:IT, New technologies
Key service:Cloud infrastructure (IaaS)

BrainSHARE IT is a leader on the Polish market in comprehensive solutions dedicated to companies and accounting offices. The company specialises in providing unique software designed to automate and streamline the handling of daily processes related to administration, accounting, human resources and finance. Its clients include small, medium and large companies from all over the country.

BrainSHARE IT created the SaldeoSMART application, which revolutionised the management of documents and financial information, making the process of handling them easier and more efficient. Thanks to the creation of innovative solutions, including OCR of invoices and continuous development, the company has gained the status of a leader on the Polish market in the category of accounting software.


The SaldeoSMART application is used by more than 5,000 accountancy firms and companies, who use the tools advanced features every day. Taking into account only the OCR function, customers automatically read more than 4 million invoices per month.

One of the key aspects is the security of sensitive data processed in the SaldeoSMART application. No less important is the need for constant access to them and their restoration in case of hard-to-predict events, potential disasters or cyber attacks. For this reason, the need arose to find an external partner who could not only provide the required level of data protection, but also guarantee uninterrupted business continuity.


The company decided to use Polcom’s colocation service. The cooperation with the data centre allowed it to comply with the requirements related to maintaining the highest standards of data protection, which was influenced by the fact that Polcom regularly undergoes numerous audits and holds the relevant certificates and meets numerous recommendations from market regulators, including the FSA.

Minimising the risk of interruptions in availability is an extremely key aspect for a company that provides its customers with its own software to manage administrative processes. The company also makes use of Polcom’s cloud computing, which enables it to improve the scalability and efficiency of its environment and allows it to dynamically adapt to the current needs of its customers, regardless of changes in the market.


Business continuity

Polcom’s two independent data centres guarantee business continuity even in the event of unpredictable events

Data security

BrainSHARE IT has gained a guarantee of security at an international level, which is confirmed by numerous certificates held by Polcom

Efficiency and scalability of the environment

IT infrastructure in a service model provides unlimited scalability and performance, allowing a dynamic response to any market fluctuations


Our product is growing rapidly and our users expect high availability, performance and security. Currently, our system automatically reads more than 4 million documents per month for more than 100,000 users. We have already been working with Polcom since 2017 because of the high standard of the colocation service and the possibility of using two independent centres for servers and data. Due to the rapid growth of our application in 2022, we decided to use Polcom Cloud services. This allowed us to provide the expected level of scalability for our environments currently half of our utilised resources are shared with Polcom Cloud.

Krzysztof Wojtas CEO

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