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Betcris Poland uses the Polcom Cloud

Branch:Finances, New technologies
Key service:Cloud computing

Betcris is a legal bookmaker that has been providing betting services for many years in countries around the world, including Latin America, where it has more than 100 land-based branches. The company is actively involved in a number of sporting projects, and has a history of cooperation with the Mexican national team and the Brazilian League. In Poland, the company made its debut in 2021.


In Poland betting shops are every popular, but running this business is connected with a number of restrictions and conditions that must be met.

One of the biggest challenge for betting shops are conditions that they have to meet in order to be licensed and operate legally in Poland. This is of great importance to the customers, as for players, compliance with the relevant regulations is a safeguard for their capital and provides a guarantee of the safety of the transaction.

In order to operate legally, bookmakers are required, among other things, to hold a licence issued by the Ministry of Finance for betting and to meet a number of other requirements, such as:

  • The need to process in Europe
  • Compliance with the law in force in Poland
  • No entry in the Register of Prohibited Domains
  • Headquarters in Poland

Betcris is a stakeholder with many years of experience in providing such services. Looking to expand and enter new markets, including the Polish market, the company began searching for a suitable supplier that would provide the company with full support both in adapting to industry data processing requirements and in preparing the company for numerous audits and the implementation of cloud services.

As a part of development on the Polish market, the company decided to focus exclusively on the online channel. This is why the key challenge of the project was to ensure a stable and secure IT background to ensure the continuity of the betting services offered to players.


The choice of provider was undertaken by Betcris after a detailed market analysis.

As a result, the company opted for a comprehensive solution in the Polcom Data Centre, betting on the highest quality of services and a guarantee of continuity of key systems and applications. For a company operating in the bookmaking industry, it was also particularly important that Polcom provides a high degree of service security and meets numerous standards and certifications, including:

  • ISO 27001 certificate – documenting compliance with the requirements for establishing, maintaining and developing information security management systems
  • ISO 27017 certificate – relating to security management in the area of cloud computing services
  • Compliance with the recommendations of the Financial Supervision Authority on data processing for financial entities

Cloud services enable quick adaptation to changing market needs, and this allows for a competitive advantage. The scalability of the IT platform reduces the risks associated with potential operational problems that may arise, for example, if the need to adapt fast to the growing interest of the platform’s users arises.

Betcris is a betting network that has experienced experts in among staff, which is reflected in the ability to make an interesting and wide-ranging offer available to users of the platform. The unique offering results in the number of players growing month by month. Betrics’ continuous growth means that the support of a specialised cloud services partner, ensuring adequate scalability and data security, has proved crucial to the company’s long-term goals.

Importantly, as Polcom’s centres are subject to numerous audits and inspections by market regulators on an ongoing basis with regard to data processing, Betcris can always count on support in meeting technological industry regulations. This allows Betcris specialists to focus fully on their tasks, which lead to the improvement of the betting platform and the realisation of the company’s business goals.


Business continuity

The company has gained a guarantee of business process continuity

Scalability of the IT platform

Reduction of risk associated with potential operational problems


Polcom is subject to numerous data processing audits on an ongoing basis


The decision to place our resources with Polcom was by no means accidental – we are specialists in our profession and strictly follow the legal and market requirements imposed on us. It is clear that we expected the same approach from our business partner, and a thorough market analysis showed that Polcom met our expectations.

We have gained bith a secure place to store and process data, and also the certainty that we are working with a team of professionals who are a huge support to us. Polcom supports us in complying with the requirements of the regulator, as well as ensuring the continuity of our systems – which is, after all, crucial for online business. I can say without hesitation that this cooperation allows us to fully focus on the company’s business development and take advantage of all the opportunities arising from new IT technologies, being confident about the IT infrastructure.

Iwona Gniech-Janicka Head of Development & IT

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