Although the risks associated with data security are difficult to eliminate, it’s important that we can minimize them effectively. The risk of data loss can be reduced by backup, which should be regarded as the basis of a well-thought and implemented IT Security Policy of a company and a Business Continuity Plan. Data backup gives you peace of mind even in the most unexpected situations.

Thanks to the services offered by the Polcom Data Center, there’s no need to perform backups and build necessary infrastructure on your own. Polcom provides a professional service of data backup and archiving. The service is designed and provided on the basis of solutions that guarantee full data restoration in the case of a hardware failure. Polcom performs backup of the environment according to the customer’s expectations and schedule. The customer doesn’t need to invest in a backup solution (hardware and necessary software), but just acquires a dedicated service of data backup and recovery in the case of a hardware failure. 

The offered service brings also many other benefits:

  • no need to maintain the system
  • no costs and hassle related to planning and deployment of the system
  • very easy-to-use data restoration process
  • guaranteed security of the solution
  • reliable infrastructure of a secure data processing and storage center
  • instant system protection, regardless of the scale of implementation.

Backup carried out using:

  • professional management software
  • HP 3PAR array
  • library in the form of a 12,000 LTO tapes robot
  • backup performed in accordance with customer’s backup policy in the D2D2T model
  • guaranteed full data confidentiality.

Making backup copies is available in the service model. The customer pays the fee depending only on the amount of data that is actually stored in our system.

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