Colocation is a service consisting in providing the Customer with a separate space in a server room complete with the necessary telecommunications infrastructure, in order to place there servers or other ICT devices owned by the Customer.

Polcom offers such space with basic and secondary power supply and UPS systems, air conditioning, physical access control, security. We offer high flexibility in the selection of the service parameters so that the customers can choose the combination best suited to their needs.

Polcom offers this service on the basis of:

  • colocation of an ICT rack – the Customer receives the entire rack with power supply and air conditioning

  • a dedicated kiosk – the Customer receives data processing systems that are physically separated from the environment. In such case, the area of the server room occupied by the rack provided to the Customer is surrounded by a lockable metal cage

  • an own server room in a dedicated space – the Customer receives isolated technical rooms with the possibility of separating the functions of monitoring, physical and fire protection, and power supply system

  • a server room cluster – parallel use of the backup data center, located approx. 25 km from the Polcom Data Center, provides the highest security – it’s located far enough to guarantee reliability and close enough to set up any kind of link. Polcom now creates a spare data center which will be located in Alwernia near Krakow. 


  • 6 independent server rooms with a total area of 3,000 square meters
  • advanced TIER III and TIER IV architecture
  • continuous supervision over the colocated equipment (24/7/365)
  • Ethernet access ensuring excellent server availability in Poland and abroad
  • redundant Internet connections
  • UPS systems (uninterruptible power supply) allowing for prolonged operation without power supply from external grid 
  • rack cabinets 

Particularly noteworthy are the costs of energy. Electricity, unfortunately, doesn’t come out of nowhere, and is a very important item in the costs of IT equipment operation in Poland.

In the coming years, energy costs may increase by up to 40%. However, this is not essential. Unfortunately, for every 1 kW of energy necessary for the operation of computer equipment, we must use another 1 kW for cooling systems, and another 0.5 kW is lost due to energy transformation in the UPS systems, transformers etc. Therefore, the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) indicator is so important. This is a fraction where the numerator is the total power consumption in the data center and the denominator is the power consumed by the IT equipment. In an ideal solution, PUE would be equal to 1. However, this value is practically unobtainable. Usually, the value of PUE ranges between 2.5 and 4 for small centers. In the Polcom Data Center the average annual value of this parameter is 1.5.

There are three important elements for cost optimization:

  • payment for energy according to the actual power consumption, since it’s much lower than the peak levels and than the nominal power of the power supplies
  • low cost of energy, depending on several factors, e.g. the economies of scale, purchasing energy at a power exchange or according to manageable energy prices for high and medium voltage
  • low PUE which determines the level of losses arising from air conditioning, transformers and UPS systems.


Analysis of the cost of power consumption.

Let’s assume we have 25 racks full with equipment, and the average power consumption of each rack is 4 kW.  Total power consumption: 100 kW.

Server room, e.g. in an office building

Source of the cost


Annual cost

IT equipment

100 kW x 365 days x 24 hrs x PLN 0.52 (cost of 1 kWh)

PLN 455,520

Air conditioning

100 kW x 365 days x 24 hrs x PLN 0.52 (cost of 1 kWh)

PLN 455,520

UPS losses, transformers, lighting

50 kW x 365 days x 24 hrs x PLN 0.52 (cost of 1 kWh)

PLN 227,760


PLN 1,138,800 


Polcom Data Center

Source of the cost


Annual cost

IT equipment

100 kW x 365 days x 24 hrs x PLN 0.54 (cost of 1 kWh including losses)

PLN 473,040


The difference is the amount of PLN 665,000, and this value is higher than the cost of these 25 colocation server racks.

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