The Backup Data Center allows for switching all services and operations from the primary location to the backup center.

The highest level of maintaining the continuity of business operations is ensured.

Polcom Data Center, as a spare location for companies, offers a complete ICT infrastructure. This makes switching all operations of the Customer’s company from the headquarters to the space office smooth. In a crisis situation, the time when the control of the company’s operations is lost is reduced to a minimum.

Polcom began the construction of a second Data Processing Center. Another facility will be created in Alwernia, a town situated approx. 25 km from the Data Center in Skawina. 

Construction of the Alwernia Data Center will allow for creating a so-called failover cluster. It consists in the fact that each center will be an independent unit performing its own tasks. In case of an emergency in one of the centers, the other will automatically take over its operations. 

Each center will have its independent processing power. However, in urgent cases, one of them will be able to take over the functions of the other one. Thanks to such solution, Polcom will gain a consistent and reliable architecture. The services used by our Customers will be provided on an even higher and, most importantly, more secure level.

The use of the backup data center as a service allows for avoiding high costs of construction, maintenance and modernization of an own backup center. 


  • data processing center located away from Customer’s production systems
  • ability to recreate full IT infrastructure (critical systems, processes, data, procedures and qualifications)
  • service performed on a high level of confidentiality (we hold the II Degree Industrial Safety Certificates: “NATO Secret”, “EU Secret”, “Country Secret”)
  • fully furnished office space with social facilities
  • availability of telecommunication links
  • availability of Internet connections
  • automatic data backup
  • support of qualified engineers

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