Maintaining business continuity in all conditions is a strategic element for companies from any industry.

The use of the spare office eliminates this problem in the event of a natural disaster (flood, fire) at the Customer’s headquarters.

By using the spare office, you get a fully restored office environment equipped with ICT infrastructure that enables key employees of the company to resume work immediately.

Spare office in the service model means saving money – there’s no need to build, equip and maintain duplicate resources. They     can be used “on demand”.

Polcom provides this service on the basis of our office space, providing all the necessary elements for the Customer.


  • 1,400 square meters complete with full sanitary and office facilities and the necessary ICT infrastructure
  • 24/7/365 customer service
  • spare office located in Skawina – 1 km from the Krakow ring road and 10 km from the Krakow-Balice Airport
  • spare office located in a safe area, away from transportation and natural hazards
  • spare office located in a building with reinforced concrete structure
  • access to a physically separated area
  • designed to include basic office infrastructure
  • integration of phone numbers at any workplace with personal access cards
  • public phone numbers
  • enabling replication of production data between locations
  • service of running a front desk on the Customer’s behalf
  • consultant support
  • independent access to the Internet
  • 24/7 infrastructure availability
  • access to shared resources of Polcom Data Center
  • guaranteed data security
  • personal safe for office documents in a vault
  • social facilities
  • physical protection, building surveillance

Running a modern business requires the management to provide workplaces for key departments of the company in any situation. The Spare Office service complies with good practices and corporate requirements. It makes running a business independent from local catastrophic hazards.

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