When we want to drink a glass of water, we turn on the tap and pour a glass of water. It’s similar with cloud computing, i.e. IT available on demand. One of the basic services of this type is providing processing power. The processing power is needed for the operation of customer applications.

Polcom offers a solution in the outsourcing model. It’s based on providing professional IT architecture which the Customers can use according to their needs and preferences. The architecture is always ready for a more intensified work, e.g. in the case of increasing the number of users, during the year-end period, etc. Any company can take advantage of the solution to the problem of quick availability of IT infrastructure. The processing power allows for controlling costs incurred for the actual use of the infrastructure. It lowers the entry barrier to possess a secure, efficient and highly reliable IT infrastructure, which is often impossible to achieve with internal IT infrastructure.

Polcom’s service offers three plans:

  • public processing power shared by many customers, but with complete separation and guaranteed security of our customers’ data
  • private architecture where all elements are dedicated for a particular customer
  • and the most common one, based on hybrid solutions, where some of the elements, e.g. the servers, are customer-dedicated, others, such as the network and backup solutions, are shared between Polcom’s customers.


  • processing power is based on the latest and most powerful Intel Xeon processors using Haswell technology 
  • we provide IBM Power architecture and architecture to support SAP HANA 
  • our environment uses several hundred servers with automatic switching, which guarantees uninterrupted application operation
  • we use the highest quality SAN and LAN solutions which guarantee quick access to the data and reliability
  • the service is equipped with a user-friendly panel for managing IT infrastructure
  • we provide any operating systems, databases, and virtualization environments preferred by the customer
  • the service operates in the most modern data storage center
  • guaranteed 24/7 application availability.

We are building a second data center which will allow for a further increase in the reliability of our services. The two centers located 25 km from each other will ensure the highest reliability, even in the cases of natural disasters. In case of an emergency in one of the centers, the other will automatically take over its operations. Each center, based on independent IT architecture, will be self-sufficient, and at the same time will act as backup for its twin center. In conjunction with the size of the architecture and quality of the solutions, we are launching the biggest and best commercial cloud computing architecture in Poland. A few numbers: 25,000 virtual cores of 2.5GHz CPUs, 256 TB of RAM, fast access to data stored on arrays able to perform 400,000 I/O operations per second (IOPS) (200,000 write / 200,000 read), etc.


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