Every company, to a greater or lesser extent, bases its operation on IT systems. Their power consumption is associated with high costs. We often are not aware how big they are. How much power can a few dozens of devices consume compared to an office building with a few hundred workers, or an assembly line? Usually we don’t check the actual amount of energy consumed by IT equipment. Unfortunately, this ignorance costs us dearly. More than a dozen servers and data storage devices consume power worth several thousand PLN per month. If you have your own server room equipped with 10 server racks, an air conditioning system, backup power supply, a power generator and other elements, then the energy cost is between PLN 200,000 and PLN 500,000 per month. Energy prices can be negotiated, but it’s not always possible, e.g. in a rented office space. In addition, a significant part of energy costs is the cost of energy transfer. IT equipment can be upgraded. The newer it is, the less power it consumes. However, the difference in power consumption will be negligible and won’t bring the expected savings compared to the cost of new equipment. In addition, the main sources of costs in a server room are air conditioning, UPS and other systems that support the operation of servers. These systems consume a few times more energy than the servers themselves. There is no way to avoid these costs completely. IT infrastructure must work, and it’s impossible without energy. However, it’s possible to reduce these costs significantly. By placing IT resources in a commercial data center, we take advantage of its two important features: high energy efficiency resulting from the use of special solutions to reduce energy consumption and energy losses, and the economies of scale of the facility that allow for purchasing energy at very low prices.

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