Launching new services and products is associated with high investment risk. It’s always a dilemma: how will the new business grow? What resources will it require? It’s good if it turns out to be a success, because profits will cover the costs. It’s worse if the growth is smaller than expected.

One of the elements of the investment are IT purchases. It’s often the main and, unfortunately, very expensive element. It’s a barrier and a serious risk. You can take advantage of leasing or other financial instruments. However, they create long-term liabilities. It doesn’t change anything in risk management. Surely, there is a way to reduce the investment risk to zero. The solution is to use IT as a service. It’s often called “cloud computing” or “IT in the cloud”. The service provides as much IT resources as the Customer needs at a given time. Its parameters can be increased or decreased at any time. In some cases the service can be turned off. Such service does not require any customer-side investments. 

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