Quick access to data is the key to efficient use of the application. Another key issue is the security of the data, especially the risk of loss due to human error or malfunction. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to achieve sufficient quality with small, cheap solutions, in particular by storing data on drives on servers. Storage solutions are very expensive and allow for collecting very large amounts of data, often too large for the needs of our application. On the one hand, we want to have quick access to data, on the other hand we have relatively small amount of data, not enough to justify the purchase of large, efficient solutions. The solution is to purchase a part of the advanced data storage infrastructure as a service. The payment for the service depends on the amount of data that is actually necessary for the users and applications. What’s more, the service allows the customers to increase data storage space at any time. Polcom provides such service based on advanced solutions from the leaders of the storage devices market. The customers get a complete environment where data is stored and made available to applications, databases, users, etc. In the service model, data is stored in the cloud. However, the data is physically located in a specific place, the Polcom Data Center. Polcom ensures that the data is safely stored and adequately protected against theft, unauthorized access or loss.  Polcom provides 5 types of data storage spaces:

  • ultra fast space based on 400,000 IOPS flash arrays
  • fast, based on SAS/FC drives
  • slow, based on SATA drives
  • low-cost, for storing less critical data.

Solutions used by Polcom are based on the arrays:

  • Pure Storage (see more on the manufacturer’s website here)
  • HP 3PAR (see more on the manufacturer’s website here)

Customer data is stored in two independent arrays which guarantees protection against loss. All components are multiplied, up to 4 times for the most demanding customers.  The service can be enhanced by backups performed by Polcom engineers. More details can be found in the section on backups.


  • data storage on high-performance disk arrays
  •  quality of access, so the cost depends on the type of data and the criticality levels for the customer
  • data located in a particular place in a professional data processing center
  • we use the highest quality SAN and LAN solutions which guarantee quick access to the data and reliability
  • guaranteed reliability thanks to duplicating all elements of the architecture, even four times.  

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