Company data, described as the largest asset of a company, usually is its fundamental value. Its collecting and sharing enables core business processes. It’s the basis for decisions and for the mandatory reporting. The way of data processing is affected not only by internal organizational processes, but also by external aspects such as legal standards. Sensitive, confidential, personal data impose additional requirements on their owner.

No wonder that in almost every organization, data security is a strategic element of management. This is reflected in the IT policy which usually includes key mechanisms for protecting valuable information. The vision of a loss of all or part of the data is a powerful driving force behind the development of IT investments. The costs of more security measures multiply, and the entrepreneur is still not sure whether the data is properly protected. It becomes obvious that in today’s reality storing data on the company premises is rarely a guarantee of security and is totally insufficient in case of such events as a fire.

Proper data security is influenced by many factors, both technological and related to other security measures. In the ever-changing reality, it’s very difficult to be an expert in this field if it’s not the core business of the company. At our center, we take care of all aspects of safe processing of the data entrusted to us, related to storage, transmission and protection against external attacks. The procedures that limit the influence of the most difficult-to-control human factor are subject to continuous improvement. An important element is also the team of people who care about meeting legal requirements that aren’t always clearly defined.  Do all these aspects need to be the entrepreneur’s problem? No, you can transfer your IT systems to a professional, commercial data center. Polcom, by taking advantage of professional security measures, skilled staff and the fact that it provides such services to many customers at the same time, ensures higher quality and much lower costs.  

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High IT costs? Cloud computing is the solution

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