The consequence of IT equipment failure is obvious. The applications and business activities come to a standstill. Entrepreneurs incur financial and often image-related losses. The can’t carry out their obligations to their customers.  How to prevent this? Modernize IT infrastructure? It incurs costs. The solution is temporary – till the next failure. There is another option. A dedicated option for business, that allows for using IT resources in the SaaS model. Polcom provides IT resources based on a highly reliable architecture. Each element is duplicated several times. Therefore no failure can affect the operation of the whole solution. The data is stored in several copies, which guarantees that the customer will not lose it. Polcom takes care of the IT environment on a continuous basis. The customer gets a reliable IT environment without the need to invest and without the risk of losses as a consequence of hardware failure.

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Equipment supplier expects large amounts of money for extending the service period?

Are you looking for an experienced integration service provider?

IT costs blocked the growth of your business?

Applications still run slow, too slow?

How much energy does IT use?

You had to work at night because IT infrastructure failed?

After implementing a business project, unnecessary hardware and software is left?

IT incurs uncontrollable costs?

Do you know how to take care of data security?

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