The application environment requires constant optimization of parameters, adjusting to changing user expectations, to the company’s growth. It’s necessary to develop appropriate IT resources such as servers, data storage space, computer networks, etc. The resources must be selected to make applications work smoothly not only in the initial phase of the project, but also over the next few years of operation. These are large investments. What’s more, it’s likely that the investments will be made into unnecessary or oversized equipment. After some time of operation, it often turns out that the project assumptions were flawed. We get a stalemate: the application works slow, and the equipment must be replaced. Our Customers often asked the question: Is it necessary to carry costs for a solution that may be temporary? Is this the only way? Of course, there is an alternative. 

You can use IT resources provided as a service, often called “cloud computing” or “IT in the cloud”.  The service provides the above-mentioned IT resources according to the current needs of the application’s users. The service is so flexible that it will provide the necessary resources for the whole period when the application is used by the customer. It fits to the growth of the company and applications.  

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