Business projects create demand for the purchase of computer equipment and storage space. It often turns out that after the completion of the project, unnecessary hardware and often software remains. Is avoiding unnecessary expenses possible? Isn’t it wiser to invest in the development of the company, in its core business?  There is a solution. It’s IT as a service. A service available on demand. A service that allows for an instant response to the increasing demand for IT architecture. It eliminates the risk of pointlessly keeping devices when they are no longer needed. Polcom’s services will eliminate this problem effectively.

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Equipment supplier expects large amounts of money for extending the service period?

Are you looking for an experienced integration service provider?

IT costs blocked the growth of your business?

Equipment failure caused losses?

Applications still run slow, too slow?

How much energy does IT use?

You had to work at night because IT infrastructure failed?

IT incurs uncontrollable costs?

Do you know how to take care of data security?

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