• guaranteed power supply at the highest standards

    ANSI/TIA 942 - TIER IV 

    availability of 99.999% per year

  • guaranteed proper working conditions

    for IT equipment

    the highest level of the ANSI/TIA 942 standard – TIER IV

  • guaranteed security of data and equipment

    ISO 27001 certification

    the highest level of the ANSI/TIA 942 standard – TIER IV

  • the highest energy efficiency

    the highest productivity 

    the lowest electrical energy costs

  • the best data center 

    chosen by the Allegro Group 

    from 33 data centers in Europe

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The Polcom Data Center was created to provide a guarantee of security and availability of data and IT equipment to the company’s customers.

At this time, the data processing center is a building located in Skawina. In the end of 2015, a similar facility located approx. 35 km from Skawina.

The total area is 12,000 m². Owning two professional Data Centers placed at a distance which allows for setting any kind of link between them, provides a unique opportunity to build a highly secure infrastructure. Now, both the primary and the secondary centers can be maintained by a single company able to comprehensively take care of the safety procedures, to supervise with the same meticulousness the continuity of customers’ equipment operation, and to keep their systems available 24/7/365.

The use of the latest technologies and security mechanisms made it possible to launch and maintain the largest and fastest processing power in the country. Thanks to it, the customers, by selecting Polcom as their business partner, do not have to worry that the growth and development of their companies will be in any way impeded or obstructed by IT technologies.

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